Our Jewellery

all jewellery used meets the APP (association of professional piercers) standards for initial use. it is extremely unsafe to share used jewellery, even with proper sterilisation.

all jewellery is either ASTM F-136 implant certified titanium and hand polished to a mirror finish or a 100% biocompatible material. we only use internally threaded or threadless jewellery.

at absolution we use state of the art sterilisation techniques, offering our clients the best in up to date sterilisation technology. we use a statim autoclave which allows us to sterilise all brand new, single use and disposable implements and jewellery needed for piercing at the time of the procedure.

each cycle is monitored and recorded using a class 6 emulator, ensuring each cycle reaches the three parameters of sterilisation; heat, pressure and time.

we also spore test monthly using Mesa Labs in the USA, and service our autoclave annually.



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