Shannon Williamson

Shannon Williamson is a Christchurch based visual artist whose practice is dominated by her love of drawing. She Graduated with a BFA, 1st Class Honours, from The University of Canterbury (NZ) in 2009. She has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally since 2001 and completed artist residencies in Australia (2012, 2013, 2015) and Finland (2014).

Works: Unframed



Williamson’s works are inspired by scientific and mythical theories on how human activities influence,and are influenced by the interplay of bodily and environmental elements. Drawing loosely on the visual languages of astronomy and cartography her drawings become pseudo-maps which imply a delicate futility in the human quest for order and purpose.

Works: Framed 

Concerned with visualising the anxieties, vulnerabilities and sensations of embodied experience, Shannon Williamson’s work draws on the language of the body and anatomy to navigate the invisible, intimate spaces within and between bodies.